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Diamond Jewelry Maintenance

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Rather keeping it clean and in ship shape will help it to sparkle and shine forever. Just the way you preserve relationship, so is the case with this precious gemstone. Whether they are loose diamonds or in form of ornaments they need to be valued. They are preserved and cared because they can be passed as legacy from mother to daughter. Many family heirlooms have acquired significance years after they have been worn.

A small diamond can get chipped or scratched or even break if not cared for. If it comes loose, it could be lost forever. A broken diamond can be dangerous as it cuts badly, spoils and chips the other pieces, if it is combined with other gemstones to make any ornament. Diamond jewelry should be stored separately, neatly in boxes. They should not be jumbled, so they do not touch other pieces. Jewelers use fabric lined cases for display. Take this cue and use a similar box with soft lining to keep the stones safe and scratch free. The box could also have dividers to ensure that no two pieces are mixed for long periods.

There are other ways to protect these precious pieces. People forget while doing heavy physical work that diamonds may loose their luster. If you wash the dishes, the setting from the ring may get upset and diamond may fall off with a hard blow. You would not want the expensive stone and ring to run down the dirty sink! Never wash the dishes with the expensive rings on. Even necklaces should be removed before bathing. While washing or doing household chores the hands come in contact with chemicals, chlorine or bleach. This can also discolor the original color of the diamonds. In case it does happen, it is better to take it to the jeweler and seek his opinion on what can be done to restore it to its luster. Chances are that the jeweler will recommend heating treatment.