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Facts About Buying Gemstone Jewelry

When you decide to buy gemstone, it is essential to consider the jewellery type that you will use the gemstone in. It makes more sense to actually finalize on the jewellery type that you yearn to have the gemstone in. Following the jewellery type, decide on the metal used in the jewellery making. Will it be yellow gold, white gold, platinum or silver? The metal you choose also plays a major role in the look of the jewellery. While some gemstones are well-coordinated with yellow gold, some are better set with white gold, platinum or silver.

Gemstones are broadly classified as precious and semi-precious. Diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire fall under the former category, garnet, peridot, amethyst, citrine, turquoise come under the latter category. There are a few essential facts to note while buying gemstones, be it precious or semi-precious.

Shape and Cutting Style

Some of the most common gemstone shapes are round, oval, heart, cushion, pear and emerald cut to mention a few. Jewellery makers or gemstone cutters ensure to choose shapes and cutting styles that best suit the particular gemstone, thereby emphasizing the colour of the gemstone. It is always better to buy gemstones with ideal cut. Check for the profile of the gemstone, the side view will convey if the gemstone is suitable for mounting in jewellery, if it is big or small for its weight. The profile check will also let you know if the cut of the gemstone brings out the stone’s brilliance.


The brilliance in a gemstone’s cut is possible to verify with its ability to reflect light in the direction it came from. This will allow for maximum light reflection and ensure good colour emphasis.

In coloured gemstones, the brilliance in colour determines the value of the gemstone. This is followed by the cut of the gemstone, which maximizes the gemstone’s life and brilliance. Note, the more a gemstone approximates its pure spectral colour, the more valuable and preferable it becomes.

Besides the cut, shape and brilliance, there are quite a few other factors that contribute to the quality of the coloured gemstones – durability, demand, tradition and beauty. Lay emphasis on the clarity of colour, the closer the gemstone comes to being in pure spectral tone of that colour, the better the colour and value of the stone. These are just a few factors to consider while buying gemstone jewellery and there are many more like the jewellery store from which you buying and other physical factors.

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