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How to Sell Your Handcrafted Jewelry in 2011

Friday, January 21st, 2011

In 2010, holiday sales and increased retail spending seems to be on the upswing, so 2011 would be a good year for jewelry crafts your … right? If you make crafts to sell jewelry, I am sure that in the past year has left you wondering whether you should continue. Of course the decision to continue or stop your jewelry is a personal decision.

First and foremost must be how much do you need for your jewelry is really a business? If you’re like most of us, and you really need the income from your jewelry than maybe you should put pen to paper and write down how you were trying to sell your jewelry in 2010.

Did you do a craft show that was unprofitable? Did you sell your jewelry to cheap and not make any profit? Before you decide to just give up why not reevaluate your past year and come up with a solid plan to move your business forward in 2011. Most people think that a business plan should be complicated…it doesn’t have to be. I think having your plan of action in print can help steer you in the right direction.

I have a customer and friend who was desperately trying to sell her jewelry. We set aside a time and I helped her critique her jewelry. She was open to some constructive criticism. The main problem with her jewelry was that she still didn’t have a handle on what kind of direction for her pieces and her designs were a little of this and that…beautiful but no theme or focus.

Deciding what kind of jewelry you want to specialize in is very important. You just can’t put together a few beads and want people to rave about it. Remember there is plenty of completion out there and you’ve got to stand out.

I have one client sold a lot of her jewelry wire wrapped sea glass. her table in the program and its website provides you with a clear identity of the style and direction of her own and sell a lot of things with great price.

If you haven’t found your style perhaps you should broaden your skills by taking some local classes, classes online or on YouTube. I guarantee you that doing so will help you decide fairly quickly what you don’t or do want to do… this is MAJOR. So get your pen and paper and start building your plan for 2011 … Look for part 2 of your plans to get together in the next newsletter. Need to get a jump start on plans to sell jewelry, for you to attend seminars once a year in our “Marketing 101”

5 Reasons Why Handcrafted Jewelry Is The Best

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

People who travel to Asian or African countries are always amazed by the beauty of the local handcrafted jewelry and handmade jewelry array and the low-cost at which these are available. Most Americans immediately fall in love with this type jewelry and they are connected on it forever. Many times, people who are gifted such souvenirs become fans for life, too. Did you know that such jewelry is indeed a great thing to buy for many reasons? Here are the top five:

1. Unique and beautiful beyond any possible description in words – each of these handcrafted things are superb. You can see the love of the artisan reflecting in it. Each piece of jewelry is a celebration of life and is unique and heart touching beautiful. Every time you wear such jewelry you would love the admiring glances it would attract, which further goes to prove that you are wearing something too beautiful for words.

2. Match with anything and everything – you could wear such jewelry at office as you could wear it on formal occasions and at parties as well. There is no place or occasion where this type jewelry would not fit in perfectly. The elegance it exudes always adds a little grace and extra beauty to the apparel you are wearing.

3. Encourage artisans – the people who create these lovely pieces of jewelry in almost all cases, live in abject poverty. When you buy their work you support in your little way an artisan somewhere across the continents. Many artisans have renounced this art because it cannot afford them a living anymore. Left with no option, they migrate to become mere wage earners struggling for their livelihoods in various cities. From proud artisans they are reduces to mere menial workers without any dignity of labor or pride in their work. Buying their wares would ensure that this art lives on.

4. Environment friendly – you are doing your little bit for Mother Earth when you buy these artisan wares. Artisans use age-old practices that are completely environment friendly. All the material used in making these jewelry are biodegradable unlike the plastic and other synthetic stuff regular custom jewelry are made out of.

5. It saves an ancient art from dying – when you buy this type jewelry you are creating a demand for it and in turn people who have passed this art on from generation to generation would be motivated to continue to nurture and promote this art. It is a pity that many such ancient arts have died a slow death because the artisans could not support themselves any longer with the means they earned form it. When you buy these pieces of jewelry you are helping this art survive a little longer.

Besides all the goodthing that you would cause by purchasing this jewelry the fact remains that when you buy it, you get something of high value both in quality and beauty; and that itself is reason enough to find out and buy these masterpieces whenever and wherever you can.